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EB Butcher

Flanken Roast ($32.82 X lb approx 2.25lbs)

Flanken Roast ($32.82 X lb approx 2.25lbs)

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Introducing our exquisite Flanken Roast, a culinary gem that unveils the true essence of kosher excellence, perfect for your Shabbat or holiday meal traditions. Handpicked by our seasoned butchers, this cut of meat harmonizes rich flavors and unparalleled tenderness, crafting a dining experience that's uniquely exceptional. Whether you choose to slow-cook it to perfection or infuse it with your creative touch, our Flanken Roast ensures each bite is an adventure in savory delight.

Tailored for those special Shabbat gatherings or festive holiday feasts, our Flanken Roast encapsulates the timeless spirit of kosher cuisine. Every cut is meticulously sourced and prepared, adhering to the highest standards of quality and authenticity. Discover the distinct depth of flavors and unmatched tenderness our Flanken Roast brings to your table, and let it redefine your kosher culinary journey.

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